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Wednesday, Apr 01st

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Priority Issues

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Our Immediate Agenda For Strengthening Ties

In pursuit of its objective of deepening relations between India and Canada, the CIF has identified a number of issues to be addressed in the immediate future. In the lines of the historic Strategic Partnership Agreement between the United States and India, the CIF considers a similar agreement between Canada and India as a priority goal. A Free Trade Agreement between the two countries is another immediate objective that the CIF seeks to lobby with governments in Ottawa and New Delhi. In order to facilitate better consular access to people traveling between India and Canada, the CIF will work toward the opening of additional visa processing offices in India.

01. Conclude the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) with India 
The idea of a Free Trade Agreement was mentioned in a speech by the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of International Trade in March. It was noted that this is part of Canada's long term objective following the signing of a Foreign Investment Protection Agreement (FIPA). The CIF seeks to accelerate this process so that India and Canada can realize their bilateral trade potential.

02. Establishing new visa offices in India 

Canada currently has two visa offices in India (one in Chandigarh and another in Delhi). To meet the needs of the business community and a population of over a billion, it is imperative that Canada opens two additional visa processing offices, one in Chennai and another in Mumbai. The CIF will work with both governments in enabling better consular facilities in order to strengthen business and cultural interaction between the two countries.