Website of Canada India Foundation. An organization dedicated to Canada and India relations.

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CIF team is made of successful Canadian Industrialists, Senior Business Executives and Top-Tier Professionals. These people have chosen to elevate the relationships between Canada and India - two democracies that have shared values and interests, and hopefully a shared vision and destination. It is their personal and collective goal to make these two democracies work together. 

  • EXECUTIVE TEAM ( 10 Articles )

    CIF Executive team is elected yearly by charter members and is responsible for CIF operations. Find out more about our executives and the positions they hold.

  • BOARD OF GOVERNORS ( 0 Articles )

    Please see the section on CIF Charter Members.

  • CHARTER MEMBERS ( 29 Articles )

    Find out more about our charter members and the positions they hold. Our charter membership is by invitation only to high profile Indo-Canadians and others who are committed to CIF.

  • STAFF & ADVISORS ( 1 Article )

    Meet our Staff, Advisors & Volunteers and learn more about them and their work.