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Saturday, Apr 18th

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You are here: FORUMS ENERGY FORUM (2009) Overview

Canada India Energy Forum

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April 15-17, 2009
Sheraton Central Hotel, 123 Queen St. W., Toronto, Canada

The increasing awareness over the past decade of climate change and the consequent need for sustainable development has put energy in the forefront as an issue that must be addressed by all countries. In this context, Canada India Foundation (CIF) is organizing an ambitious program that will bring together some of the most prominent players in the Canadian and Indian energy sectors to identify opportunities for energy cooperation.

Broad Goals:

  • Provide a platform for the exchange of energy sector specific knowledge and information
  • Present current developments in the energy sectors of Canada and India
  • Promote mutual business opportunities for Canadian and Indian energy companies

Conference Topics

Wind Energy
Solar Energy
Biomass Energy
Oil & Gas
Clean Coal

Technology Transfer
Energy Security
and Independence
Cross Border M&A,
Public Policy Engagement


Conference Chairs:
Manoj Pundit and Lucky Lakshmanan

For more information, please contact:
JPdL Toronto Inc.
2 Berkeley Street, Suite 500
Toronto, ON M5A 4J5
Tel: (416) 221-5679, Ext. 259 Fax: (416) 221-6372
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it