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Tuesday, Apr 28th

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You are here: CHARTER MEMBERS Surjit Babra

Surjit Babra


Founder & Chairman/CEO, SkyLink Group of Companies

Surjit Babra is recipient of the Business Person of the Year Award (1996) for the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce, recipient of Sikh Sewa Award (1998) recognizing Surjit's entrepreneurial spirit and leadership excellence. In August 2005 he received a Mother Teresa Humanitarian of the Year Award by FOIAC and City of Los Angeles, California. In May 2006, Royal Bank of Canada, Richmond Hill, presented him with an award for Community Service. In October 2006, Surjit Babra and his partner Walter Arbib received the B'nai Brith Canada's "Award of Merit" for their contributions to Canadian society. He is the current Chair of Canada India Foundation. Surjit started his career in the travel business in the UK in 1972 and today the SkyLink Travel Group's global presence is well known under the brand names of SkyLink Travel,, Payless Travel, Tourcan Vacations, SkyLink Holidays, Travel and Tours and TouramIT. SkyLink is the leading consolidator in North America, marketing over 60 airlines in the USA and Canada. In 1988, Walter Arbib joined the group as a partner. The group established multiple offices overseas.

Surjit Babra and Walter Arbib ventured into the Aviation business by starting SkyLink Aviation an air charter and leasing service, which provides aircraft and logistical support to organizations such as the United Nations, the Red Cross, World Food Program, the Canadian Armed Forces, USAID, I.O.M. and many other governments and government agencies.  SkyLink is well known in the world for rapid deployment of aircraft globally during emergency and aid missions.  Sensing the need for rapid delivery of small packages due to online shopping, the Group established SkyLink Express a small to medium aircraft operator providing flight operations to major courier companies.  Other SkyLink Group businesses are airport security, trimodal logistic operations, software development and management of Business Process Overseas.

Headquartered in a 40,000 square foot office complex located in Rosedale, a prime area of Toronto. The SkyLink Group's sales exceed 500 million dollars and the Group is continually growing by forming joint venture partnerships globally.

Surjit Babra was the first Chair of Canada India Foundation.
For more information about the Skylink Group and its philanthropic activities visit