Website of Canada India Foundation. An organization dedicated to Canada and India relations.

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Sunday, Apr 26th

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Overview & History

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Canada India Foundation (CIF) is a national, non-profit, non-partisan, non-governmental organization (NGO) established in 2007 to foster support for stronger bi-lateral relations between Canada and India; to educate Canadians on India; and to increase the participation by Indo-Canadians in political process in Canada. CIF's founding members include industrialists, senior Canadian business executives and top tier professionals.

CIF Board of Directors

  • V.I. "Lucky" Lakshmanan, Chair
  • Jay Minhas, Co-Chair
  • Laj Prasher, National Convenor
  • Atul Tolia, Secretary to the Board
  • Sachin Mahajan, Regional Convenor, East
  • Terry Papneja, Regional Convenor, Central
  • Vasu Chanchlani, Member of the Board
  • Ramesh Chotai, Member of the Board
  • Anita Dalakoti, Member of the Board
  • Pankaj Dave, Member of the Board
  • Deepak Ruparell, Member of the Board
  • Barj Dhahan, Immediate Past-Chair



The video below gives a brief overview of Canada India Foundation:

About Canada India Foundation